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[CS/CE] 美国路易斯安那州立大学招收2017年秋季入学的计算机全奖博士生

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美国路易斯安那州立大学(Louisiana State University--Baton Rouge)计算机系王庆阳教授计划招收2名计算机系统和云计算方向的全奖博士生,2017年秋季入学. 他现在的研究重点在于怎样在云平台上构建高性能,高扩展性,和高系统资源使用效率的大型网站系统(e.g.,。详细研究情况可以参见     
(。 欢迎对计算机系统和云计算研究有热情的同学将你的个人简历、成绩单、英语成绩尽快发送至
Qualified candidates are expected to meet the following conditions:  
1.    Highly self-motivated,  
2.    Strong programming experience in Java, C/C++,  
3.    Comfortable with Linux environment ,  
4.    Good mathematical background,
5.    Experience of web application development is a plus but not required.
-----Brief introduction of LSU---
The Louisiana State University (LSU) is a tier-1 public research university in the United States, and has the largest engineering division in Louisiana. The Computer Science and Engineering division has strong relationship with IBM, Microsoft, and many other major IT companies. So a Ph.D. degree in computer science, especially in Computer System area, will provide you plenty of job opportunities in US.
The University was founded in 1853 and is well-recognized as one of the top 20 most beautiful universities in United States. Different from many other universities which locate in small college towns, the location of LSU is great; Baton Rouge is a middle size city and you are guaranteed to enjoy a rich city life here. The city is also surrounded by big cities, for example, 1 hour driving distance from New Orleans. LSU is also great in sports, when you come here, you’ll experience the great enthusiasm of the people on all kinds of sports.  
Overall, LSU is a great place for you to enjoy your academic study and social life!



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