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[PS/CV] biology(pharmacology) PS 急求猛拍! MS和PHD都申,不知道该怎么处理

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kmyhrsh 发表于 2016-11-26 21:15:22 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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渣背景……科研没有发过文章没有硬货拿得出手....PS目前死马当活马医了,马上就deadline了 QAQ 哭泣。。求大家帮忙改改提提意见吧 QAQ

Personal History
Since young, I have anobsession with the charm of natural organic process. During my high schoolyears, I learnt advanced biology courses and did experiments consciously. Representedmy hometown to take part in the 21st National Biological Olympic Context and consequently rewarded with gold medal,I was recommended as a gifted student and directly admitted into School of Life Sciences in  XXX.
I got an unsatisfactoryGPA in my first semester, which couldn’t represent my true academiclevel. The reason was I took too many abstruse math and physics courses at atime, but didn’t invest commensurate effort. Instead, most of my spare time wasdevoted to voluntary activities and student organizations. Later, I rearranged mylife, improved my study methods and concentrated more on my courses. Sincethen, my GPA has been progressively improved and I was rewarded the Award for Academic Diligence. With a junior GPAreached 3.xx, I improved my rank from bottom to an upper-middle position. The low GPA once brought me huge pressure and frustration,but was also an educative lesson for me. The great progress I made reflected my strong learning ability, growth potential, anti-pressure ability, and mytenacity and optimism.
Research Experiences
After I could do well in my school courses, I joined Dr. XXX'S laboratory inApril, 2015.
I used the first several months to train my basicresearch abilities.Around September, I began my first independent project. I used, to study howprotein modifications regulateda certain  enzyme, and how it influenced DNA damage response andtumorigenesis. But on the half way of the project, I encountered an obstacle. 2015 winter, I tried to use co-IP andmass-spectrography (MS) to find interacting proteins of the enzyme, but gotnegative results again and again. I tried my best to summarize, to mend myexperimental protocols; I asked graduate students for help…I spent most of mywinter holiday on repeating the experiment and even a graduate student helpedto repeat it. Unluckily, we still couldn’t get a positive result. Since apositive result of this crucial experiment was an indispensable basis for allthe following experiments, we had to suspended the project. Although frustrated, the failureis also my treasure, letting me realize that failure is part of ordinary state,just take it easy and face it peacefully.
After a short rest, inApril 2016, my second project started. Together with a graduate student, wescreened a library of XXXs (a kind of enzyme) and found one XXX that had anoteworthy role in DNA repair. Later we successfully used IP-MS method to findinteracting proteins of the XXX, and verified an interaction between a proteincomplex and the XXX. Since then we shifted our work focus to their interactionand their role in DNA damage response. In summary, the project has a good startand has been going smoothly. Up to now, nearly one half of the whole projecthas been completed. And we plan to publish a paper after finishing the project(2017).
Besides experiments, weeklyjournal club and work report are also important parts of my scientifictraining. College-held scientific lectures given by eminent professors also provideme plenty of opportunities to get in touch with top scientists and top scienceresearches. From past 19-month experimental research experience, I havemastered most of commonly used biochemistry, immunology and molecular biologymethods; I get to know how to propose a creative scientific question, how todesign and arrange experiments independently. Daily laboratory works not onlyconsolidate my independent research abilities, but also prepare me for futuregraduate study, teach me to insist, to dive in and explore.
My another importantexperience is my internship in XXXX Co.,Ltd fromSeptember 2016. It is a company which focuses on developing geneticstechnologies for scientific, diagnostic and forensic uses. My current positionis assistant of the Products Department. Part my work is towidely read newly published papers and most recentcases relating to genetic technology, such as exosome sequencing and lncRNA-mRNAco-expression network, then analyze and summarize them and providethem for sales training purpose. Besides,I also work on some other tasks. For instance, for patients with ,we are developing a service to detect the genotype of some drugmetabolism relevant genes, and provide cardiovascular disease patientsa scientific guidance for the use of drugs. In this project, I am responsible for market research and analysis.
Compared tomy experimental study in molecular biology, internship in the company offers medistinctive perspective of market demand and applied research of the wholefield. Nextperiod, my internship director Mr. X would like to give me internship opportunityin the Research and Development Department. I can image I will learn morepractical and independent research skills and contribute more to our company.
­I am a girl ofcuriosity, so I am always willing to try different things in diverse researchareas. For example, in 2014, I carried out a group course project to study how thebasic physiological indexes of male youth change afterthe participants receiving visual sexual stimulation. I also once joined theecology lab of Dr. XXXX, and designed an ingenious orthogonalexperiment for ranking the performance of different types of infrared cameras.The selected optimal infrared camera has been used by some researchers forfield observations. In2016 summer, I participated in the summer camp held by China’s Center forDisease Control, and got an insight on China’s disease control researchdevelopment… Diverse experiencesgreatly enriched my systematic thinking and creative thinking on biologyissues. Meanwhile it let me have a glance at different research areas, and findmy definite research interest. I foundthat I am most interested in researches for therapeutic and clinical usage.This is crucial because it highly influences my decision on my future careergoals.
Research Interests
As a molecular biology student, my interest for my graduate study is celland molecular pharmacology. Over the years, I am impressed a lot by how patients in differentcountries and areas suffer from shortage of affordable, efficient drugs. Forexample, numerous people around the world, including my father and some of myfriends, suffer from allergic rhinitis. They use many kinds of drugs every daybut can only alleviate a minor part of their indisposition. Realizingsuch urgent and huge demands, I settle down my research interests and careergoal.
So, why I believe in myself that I can develop well in this area?According to my understanding, research on molecular pharmacology requires solidmolecular bilogy background and pharmacology knowledge, which is exactly what Imaster well. Besides my experience in molecular biology lab, I have consciouslytaken several advanced courses to strengthen my pharmacology background, suchas XXX,YYY. I also audit a series of courses of a生物制药 master program. Coursessuch as BME,生物信息 offer me the foundation which is concrete and reliable that mostbiologists lack. Therefore, with my solid molecular biology and pharmacologybackground, strong research capability, and quantitative and systematic thinking,I believe I can learn quickly and adapt well in my dream area.
FutureCareer Goals
I believe graduate study in pharmacology in UW-Madison can fully prepare me for my careerlife. After graduation from graduate school, I plan to find a researchpersonnel position in a well-known pharmaceutical company. Several years later, Iwill become a dependable chief drug developer in the area. After that, Igradually reinforce my leadership and decision-making capabilities and becomeresearch management personnel. At that time, I can lead my team to develop new drugsto fulfill social needs. Through my career growth process, I can reach myultimate goal: to be a capable and dependable woman who can develop her ownideals into products and bring benefits to patient groups.
Biology is rich, complex, constantly changing. So, we should go deep. Next summer, 2017, I’ll graduate from XXXX Universityand I’d like to deepen my study in your university. At the time being, Ibelieve I am intelligently mature and psychologically ready and I sincerely hopeI can contribute my assiduity and intelligence to your program. You willdefinitely find that your investment on me is worthwhile.



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