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2016(10-12月) 码农类 硕士 实习@Pinterest - 校园招聘会 - 校园招聘会 |Passfresh grad应届毕业生


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Pinterest (SDE):

given two arrays A and B, find top K pairs (a,b), such that a from A and b from B and a+b is among the first K largest sums
. 鍥磋鎴戜滑@1point 3 acres
Yelp (data mining engineer): a procedure to predict click through rate a procedure to predict review upvotes
3.longest palindrome substring
followup:  what if I only have isPalindromeOdd
4.ispalindrome, iterative way to do it
followup: modify the program such that we can skip some chars and see if the remaining is palindrome

2sum, return true or false, there might be duplicates in array
follow up:
return all the possible combination of indices
. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
2sigma (quant):

Your friend told you that he had at least one girl, what is the probability of he having two girls

You then visited your friend, a girl answered the door, what is the probability of he having two girls

in simple linear regression, if you duplicate and double the data, how are beta, t-stats and R^2 gonna change

describe how you are gonna predict future returns based on historical data/ what data? models? procedures?

Linkedin (sde ML track):

1.what is the problem of using KNN when two of the features are highly correlated
. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
2.implement K-means

3.#In this problem, we have several houses placed on a street.
#We'd like to paint each house either red, green, or blue.
#The amount of money it costs to paint a specific house a specific color varies (maybe the owner already has some old paint that he can use, or parts of his house are already painted that color).
#A house cannot be painted the same color as one of its neighbors
#The goal is to paint all of the houses for the minimum total cost.

# costs
#R   2   2   6   4   2   
#G   0   5   7   1   1   
#B   1   1   2   0   4
. visit for more.
# if you had k colors instead of 3
# O(kn)


5.讲讲Bayes statistics 的general idea

6.什么是overfitting? how to prevent overfitting? what are common techniques? to train a logistic regression?

A9 (Data Science intern):

1.Prefix notation expression evaluation
["*",3,2] --> 3*2=6
["+","-","*",3,2,1,4] --> (3*2)-1+4 = 9
. From 1point 3acres bbs
What is the least squre estimate for coefficient in linear regression
write update function for SGD
how to choose learning rate lambda
how to prevent overfitting
what numerical issue will we get when training LASSO
. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴




samuelling 发表于 2016-11-30 17:05:33 | 显示全部楼层
Pinterest今年是不是不招new grad了,我勾搭了recruiter之后他说一open就联系我,然后就消失了
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 楼主| benbenliu007 发表于 2016-11-30 17:08:58 | 显示全部楼层
samuelling 发表于 2016-11-30 17:05
Pinterest今年是不是不招new grad了,我勾搭了recruiter之后他说一open就联系我,然后就消失了

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八月 发表于 2016-12-1 09:08:02 | 显示全部楼层
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 楼主| benbenliu007 发表于 2016-12-1 12:15:53 | 显示全部楼层
八月 发表于 2016-12-1 09:08

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jigsaw_Becky 发表于 2017-1-10 10:51:34 | 显示全部楼层
麻烦请问一下pinterest这道题“given two arrays A and B, find top K pairs (a,b), such that a from A and b from B and a+b is among the first K largest sums”
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jigsaw_Becky 发表于 2017-1-10 11:06:13 | 显示全部楼层
我在网上搜了下,建一个class pair {int indexA, indexB, int sum}, 然后把pair放到一个priorityqueue里面(根据pair.sum建的max heap)。先从 indexA = A.length - 1, indexB = B.length - 1开始,poll出来后放heap.add(pair(max.i + 1, max.j)); heap.add(pair(max.i, max.j + 1));

不知道有没有其他好的方法?或者要求什么follow up什么的?谢谢!
. from:

补充内容 (2017-1-10 11:15):. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
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 楼主| benbenliu007 发表于 2017-1-12 06:30:29 | 显示全部楼层
jigsaw_Becky 发表于 2017-1-10 11:06
我在网上搜了下,建一个class pair {int indexA, indexB, int sum}, 然后把pair放到一个priorityqueue里面 ...

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