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[专业/学校/教授] NEU-SV MSIS coop政策、选课Q&A

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[18Spring] MS.AD MIS@IS@NEU





平常除了多跟同胞交流,是否经常跟外国同学party? 一般一起玩什么呢?有什么值得注意的地方可以提醒新人注意的吗?:

你获取求职信息的主要途径是什么?学校里的career service/job fair多吗?你觉得有用吗?:






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Congratulationson your acceptance to the MSIS-SV first cohort!  My name is Matthew Lenda,and I am the faculty co-op advisor for the MSIS program in both Seattle andSilicon Valley.  I teach a 1-credit Career Management for Engineers (ENCP6000) course that teaches students the skills necessary to secure a co-op andpermanent job.  My course covers Resume building, cover letter writing,LinkedIn tutorials, mock interviewing,  networking, job searching, andmany other topics.  This course is required in order to go on co-op.
Yourquestion was:
For the Silicon Valley campus students, does the school offer any local basedco-op program in Silicon Valley for IS program? The NU resources of careerdevelopment, like career fairs, NUcareers website, resume services, are theyopen to students in SV campus?

Co-ops arenot campus-location bound.  I have many students from Seattle come toBoston, and vice-versa.  
As Christina said,you do have access to all Northeastern resources.  Many may be virtual,but at least for co-op, I will make in-person visits to the SV campus in orderto assist you and your cohort in various co-op workshops, guidance, and officehours.  As well, when I am not on-ground in SV, I am reachable for virtualmeetings at any time.

Therequirements for co-op are as follows:  You must complete 16 credits (1full year of academic study), maintain a 3.000 GPA, successfully complete ENCP6000 (The 1-credit career management course I teach, which is virtual), andhave no academic holds on your student account.  Since you are starting inSpring 2018, I would suggest that you take the first courses that Jeffmentioned along with ENCP 6000 your first semester, take the summer off OR takeadditional courses, take 2 courses in Fall 2018, while at the same time you aresearching for a Spring 2019 co-op start, which can last for 4-8 months.
Justremember, if you do take courses in the Summer (which are not required by U.S.Govt. law), it will speed up the end date of your program.  You are more thanwelcomed to do so, but if your heart is set on going on co-op as soon aspossible, Fall 2018 will be your first shot, and the co-op can only last for4-months (You cannot take Fall-Spring co-ops together).  
It is aRegional Campus policy that MSIS students are able to complete two co-op, for aCOMBINED total of 8-months.  So if you do a Fall 2018 4-month co-op, youcould do a Summer 2019 4-month co-op (Remember—no Fall-Spring co-opcombinations).

You asked:
As the IS program in 2018 Spring will bethe first cohort of students in Silicon Valley, could you give me moreinformation about the faculties and courses of MSIS in SV?
REPLY: As you mention, since the MSIS-SVwill be the first cohort this Spring, our faculty program director is in themidst of planning and preparing for the incoming cohort.  Our IS facultyare typically industry experts who live in or around the campus location. Themost important thing for now is to review the attached information(http://www.northeastern.edu/sili ... nformation-systems/), whichreferences the courses that will be offered as part of the MSIS-SVprogram.  Please review attached, and begin to get an idea of how you’dlike to construct your program of study.  I’ll add that we don’t expectthat students will register for courses until they arrive for orientation.Please don’t be concerned.
You asked:
Meanwhile, since the computer scienceprogram of CCIS in SV campus has started for a long time, can we take somecourses of CS program in SV campus? If so, what’s the maximum credits that wecan gain from CS courses?
REPLY: CS and IS are two differentprograms, offered by two different colleges within NortheasternUniversity.  Ordinarily CS and IS students do not share or take coursestogether.  However, because of the unique offerings at Northeastern’sregional campuses, I’ve seen this happen in Seattle for example.  Becauseplanning for the Spring cohort is still underway, we’re not yet sure if CS coursesmay be open to IS students (and vice versa).

 楼主| csf0630 发表于 2017-11-9 06:38:04 | 显示全部楼层
总结下co-op修满16学分后可以开始, 最多2次, 一共最多8个月
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SXY123 发表于 2017-11-9 08:44:24 | 显示全部楼层
csf0630 发表于 2017-11-9 06:38
总结下co-op修满16学分后可以开始, 最多2次, 一共最多8个月. 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴

在NEU选课这种东西根本没人care吧,没见过没事来选CS课的人,有时间刷刷题找找实习不好么。。毕竟NEU CS的课以比较水
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jerviscz 发表于 2017-11-10 22:52:54 | 显示全部楼层
我刚去NEU的系统查了一下,现在silicon valley校区还是没开2018spring INFO的课,按道理来说既然招国际学生肯定会有on-ground的课的吧,期待楼主之后的反馈
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ADAylonG22 发表于 2017-11-14 13:21:18 | 显示全部楼层
rexue70 发表于 2017-11-9 13:18

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