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[统计/生统/大数据] 哥伦比亚大学今年新开设数据科学Data Science硕士项目

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哥大工学院今年新设一个数据科学硕士项目 (Master of Data Science)。今年首届招生,截止日期为2014年2月15日。项目侧重数据挖掘、算法和统计建模(i.e., Algorithms for Data Science, Machine Learning for Data Science, Statistical Inference & Modeling),培养方案面向业界需求。大数据和数据挖掘都是现在很热门的方向,业界对于专业数据分析师的需求也在大幅增长,感兴趣的同学可以关注一下。

2014Fall申请截止日期:Feb 15th 2014

Love Columbia, and love Data Science? IDSE is announcing their MS program! Details below.

The application for the Master of Science in Data Science program has officially been launched. Please click here for information on the application: For more information on the M.S. in Data Science program please visit:

The program has received University approval and has been submitted to New York State. We have been granted permission to open the application and here is some additional information on the program.

Masters in Data Science
The proposed Masters in Data Sciences program has been approved by Columbia University and is anticipated to launch in the fall of 2014. The application has been posted and the deadline to apply is February 15th. The program is still pending New York State approval, however, we have been granted permission to launch the application for the program. Applications are being accepted, however the admissions decision timeline will be contingent upon when the program receives approval from the State of New York.

Program Overview
This program will offer students an in depth education experience to focus on data science as it pertains to their unique interests. The foundation of this program has been built from the 4-course Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences program. Students will be interacting with diverse faculty members and students, given the opportunity to conduct research opportunities, included in a capstone project course, and available for industry interaction.

The M.S. students will be given the opportunity to select an elective track which incorporates the six centers within the Institute as well as an Entrepreneurship track. This allows students to hone in on their particular interests and skill sets.

Our proposed curriculum will likely be as follows:
  • Algorithms for Data Science (CS/OR), 3 credits
  • Machine Learning for Data Science (CS), 3 credits
  • Exploratory Data Analysis for Data Science (STATS), 3 credits
  • Computer Systems for Data Science (CS), 3 credits
  • Probability (STATS), 3 credits
  • Statistical Inference & Modeling (STATS), 3 credits
  • Data Science Capstone & Ethics (ENG), 3 credits
  • Electives (9 credits) – for a total of 30 credits

The program may be completed in two semesters of full-time intensive study.

Questions? Please contact for more information.




mongo1992 发表于 2013-12-8 14:00:51 | 显示全部楼层
点进去看看,貌似是从原先一个Certificate Program 发展而来的,原来的这个说是不给办F1,J1签证,不知道新的怎么说。听口气,还在审批中,会不会没有真刀真枪。
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rxrx 发表于 2013-12-10 12:37:08 | 显示全部楼层
lz,想问下这个和NYU的data science哪个更靠谱,NYU也是去年才招生,怎么感觉data这方面的都是最近几年火起来的
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leheoppo 发表于 2013-12-12 10:05:24 | 显示全部楼层
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