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[土木/环境] Transportation Engineering Ph.D Position Opening

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[资源信息共享] Transportation Engineering Ph.D Position Opening

PHD position, UTK
Transportation Engineering Ph.D Position Opening

School: The University of Tennesee, Knoxville.
Major: Civil Enginneering
Concentration: Transportation Enginnering
Research Areas: Transportation Safety, Driving Behavior, Intelligent Transportation System

Basic Requirments
GPA: 3.0/4.0 (or 3.5/4.0 for graduate work) or 80/100 for certain grading systems
TOEFL: 550 for paper-based or 213 for computer-based or 80 for Internet-based (at least 20 for each part)
GRE: Above 80th percentile for math and above 60th percentile for verble

Research Experience:
Preferably having a transportation background;
Preferably a Master's thesis;
Preferably one or more papers presented in an international conference;
Preferably one or more papers published in science citation indexed journals

Skills: Transportation Engineering, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, Preferably Matlab or R

If interested, please contact:
(I am not the professor. I am just helping my advisor to hunt a good applicant. You can call me Jun. My advisor is very nice and kind of has a good reputation in his areas. Since my advisor receives lots of inquiry emails from applicants, which bothers him a lot, I just leave my contact information here. If you feel very very very confident with your background, you may go to our website to find his information But I suggest you email me first.)



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