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[CS/CE] Ph.D. Position at UO Network & Security Research Laboratory, Fall 2014

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The Network & Security Research Laboratory at the University of Oregon (UO)
is looking forward to adding a couple new Ph.D. student researchers in Fall 2014.

Networking research and technologies have fundamentally changed people's life,
and will continue to do so, probably in more unexpected ways than ever thought.
We constantly look for students with strong motivation to do first-rate research
in this exciting field.  Your academic background is important, but what is of
the most importance are your determination to conduct research with an impact
to the society, your integrity and honesty as your unshakable principle,
and your perseverance to let you hold on as ups and downs are unavoidable.

We actively research a variety of topics on computer networking, including
Internet monitoring and forensics, social networking, cloud computing,
new networking architectures (e.g. software-defined networking), and
various network security topics.

If you are interested, feel free to contact Prof. Li Jun at
to start a communication.  Send your resume that includes your education background,
GPA, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores.  A statement of purpose and any other materials
that you think may be helpful are also welcome.  Please only use PDF files,
preferably with all materials merged in one PDF file.  The application deadline
of UO is January 15, 2014 (1/15/2014).

Some useful links:
University of Oregon:
Network & Security Research Laboratory at UO:
Graduate Admission to UO CIS:

The University of Oregon is a world-class teaching and research institution and
Oregon's flagship public university. The UO is a member of the Association of
American Universities (AAU), an organization made up of 62 of the leading
public and private research institutions in the United States and Canada.



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