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[美国-其他学校] SJSU,推荐信的问题

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Three (3) letters of recommendation are required. They should be addressed to Dr. Freund, and should be on the writer’s business letterhead stationery. Please use any of the following methods to send them:

1.       Sealed letters must arrive by US mail or express mail service such as UPS with the “Right of Access to Letter of Recommendation” form completed.  The form is available at: .  Sealed letters arriving without the form cannot be opened or considered until a completed Right of Access form is received.

2.       Unsealed letters may be sent by you to Dr. Freund as pdf attachments to an email.   

3.       Unsealed letters may be attached to your vita and sent by you in US mail or express mail service to Dr. Freund.
. From 1point 3acres bbs
4.       Pdf attachment letters may be sent by your recommenders to Dr. Freund by email.  However, they will be accepted ONLY IF the email is also copied to you by the letter writer in the same email.
1,3条都是纸推? 第二条和第四条没明白啥意思... 这个意思是要推荐人用邮箱给我转发?. visit for more.



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