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[文书-求改] EE转申IE,或者MEM. 求改PS,求狠批

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I find it amazing that there is always a connection between different subjects . It makes me excited and pleased to be professional in dealing with a complex system involved with engineering, management and human factors. Already having this objective and solid mathematics foundation, I chose Electronic Engineering as my undergraduate major, in order to improve engineering background and technology skills at one of the top 3 engineering schools in China. I believe XXX, the top engineering school in the U.S., will be my next destination to further build up my career as an industrial engineer.
My strong mathematics ability gave me sufficient confidence in achieving my career goal,particular in dealing with complex mathematical problems appeared in decision analysis and system optimization. I showed great talent in mathematics and won prizes in various competitions included the gold medal in National "Hua Luogeng Gold Cup" math invitation competition and the second prize in National High School Mathematics Competition. What is more, while in high school, I have already mastered Linear Programming, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Statistics, which were set for undergraduates. With such accumulation,I excelled my peers in math-related courses as an EE major student,achieving 5 As in 6 courses. In particular, I got the highest score in Advanced Algebra (99/100) and finished the most difficult curriculum Mathematical Analysis with a total score of 97. In view of my outstanding performance in math, I was honored to be selected as a freshman player of Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling together with two SOPhomore students. It was a precious experience that showed me the significance of modeling when facing with a complex system. Besides, the content of designing a Traffic Circle motivated me to pursue my love for optimization.
As an EE undergraduate, I tried my best to get involved in projects that might use the same knowledge as IE does, though what I learned and applied to is rarely related with Industrial Engineering. It was my honor to have joined in Professor Yang’s lab as one of the only two undergraduates. I tried hard to act beyond an undergraduate. In the project of Calculating distance between observers using the pseudo-ranges of global positioning system (GPS), I started my task of doing fundamental calculation with everything new. It only took me three days to master Matlab, the simulation tool, and one day to learn Least Square Method. Although tools seemed simple, there were a lot of complex factors should be considered, such as the change of attitude angle and the select of reference points. I did all my measuring and programming with patience and carefulness to ensure accuracy. Finally I delivered a comprehensive report about statistics and program under each circumstance. Not satisfied with what I had to do, I did more exploration on optimization technologies except for Least Square Method, like Mathematical Programming Representations (MPRs). To my surprise, this extra effort really worked in Professor Yang’s later research.
With  experiences in theory, I aspired to experience IE in real world. Different types of internship in two consulting firms have instructed me with some basic concepts of different subjects. Working in Strategic Analysis Inc, I was exposed to marketing and had showed my learning ability and optimization thinking. In charge of Market Analysis of label industry committed by a global leader in labeling and packaging materials, I acquired label related material and mastered the way of working in one day. I was able to finish my daily work collecting company profiles in half a day and help other two teams with chart making and classification of data. While working, I seized every chance to observe how to complete an industry analysis report and made extra efforts to improve it. Facing the problem of repetitive tasks in directory publication, I constructed a template in excel, which contained both English and Chinese version. This template has later been used at least 40 times a day by over 10 people, and has largely saved their time from 8 minutes to 4 minutes.
I was lucky to be the intern of A.T. Kearney, the top management consulting firm, which I always desired to learn about management from. I did my best to work and learned as much as I can about how to assess the current state, what kind of technology to use and how to make final decision. As the manager assistant, I took charge of communicating with over 100 decision makers of business cars purchase, classifying marketing data and arranging next-day task to each group member. Apart from my daily task, I inquired my manager with an early case of supply chain redesign on my own initiative. I was excited to learn part of their holistic approach which covers every aspect of a company's supply chain. To master Industrial Engineering tools like Process Mapping, Cycle time Capture, Gantt Chart,  &&& and to reduce costs through efficient procurement . Besides, I was also surprised to notice the approach to optimize transportation route was just the same as what I had learned in course Economic Management this semester. Thus, I made a decision to enter in industry and widen my knowledge in real supply chain.
Working in Ericsson, the world's second largest provider of wireless network equipment, I gained more confidence in IE application. As a Project Assistant, I took over a Project Manager’s work by chance. I never stop studying about management and making improvement for my group. My work contains managing domestic logistics and international logistics, supervising import and export customs clearance process and controlling project cost. While doing my own job, I always kept an eye on the efficiency of project progress. Once it appeared that there was a lack of inventories which would result in loss on our project. To cover the shortage, engineers had to test over 60 integrated circuit boards in a short time. I believed I can do something to optimize inventory management. So I asked my professor for help and learned about different stochastic inventory models. To construct my model, I used continuous probability distribution and mathematical expectation as main approaches, and took factors into consideration, which included inventory unit cost, order cost and storage cost. I recommended this model to Sourcing Department. In the operation of the next month inventory management, this model turned out to be helpful. It largely encouraged me to explore my potential in this area.. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
I truly believe I can be closer to my dream by starting a career in management consulting firm like BCG to accumulate Chinese characteristic theories about industrial engineering. For the long term,I will transfer to Communication Industry like Ericsson, with the superiority of EE background, focusing on supply chain management. As my passion and earnestness grow, I am really looking forward to taking challenge and starting a brand-new journey with my heart.
For me, an energetic person with passion for technology, mathematics, art and sports, I’m always ready to do something different. Therefore, graduated from class which was trained for Math Competition in high school, I chose to major in Electrical Engineering instead of Applied Mathematics as an undergraduate. I’ve got an outstanding performance at Beihang University with my excellent math background. So I’m fully convinced that studying Industrial and System Engineering in RPI, who also strived to change the world, is definitely the right choice for me. Differences are more frequently to be made from interdisciplinary collaborations. Thus, with my effort and enthusiasm in IE and the rich opportunity that RPI can provide to me, why can’t we change the world?



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