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in analytics and inference
游戏初创公司DreamCraft招聘工程师、UIUX Designer和游戏策划
电商初创公司Good Days
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多看好文章,提升自己,加油!. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
      Global house prices        Location, location, location   http://www.economist.com/blogs/dailychart/2011/11/global-house-prices

感悟:2003之后,因为担心我国泡沫经济,房价增长开始甩开欧美一大截,and HOUSE prices are picking up globally. Values are rising in 18 of the 23 countries we track, compared with just 12 a year ago,第一用E的动态图标功能,好方便啊,真心的,从USA Today到E到SA,国外做产品用户体验永远是第一位的,国内最喜欢的Ifeng感觉也有些过气了,做事一定要用心

monkerek 发表于 2014-1-3 17:29:35 | 显示全部楼层
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Mobile payments:Swedish ambition   http://www.economist.com/blogs/s ... e-payments#comments 20140104_blp502.jpg
感悟:Swedish's mobile payment's company Seamless, a 12-year-old company based in Stockholm,installs its proprietary system at the point of sale that comes with a sticker containing both a QR code and NFC capability. (Each method acts as a failsafe(危机解救): QR codes are sometimes unreadable, while NFC support is missing from Apple’s line of iPhones.) Shoppers install its smartphone app, SEQR, and hold their phone against the sticker(难题).
. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
Do every thing with all Ur heart!someday it  will  payoff!

Here is a list which shows Internet users (per 100 people) all around the world,as we can see,countries in north Europe are the highest,it shows NE's countries are actually rich,look at the US,haha      
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KAL'S cartoon

Memo:Kerry can only do few things to help ease the tense situation between Israel and Palestine,The US want to solve it by building a peace framework. 1point3acres.com/bbs

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Top 10 Ivy League alternatives?  
http://www.usatoday.com/story/ne ... ternatives/4354659/
Memo:I bet the reason why i cant be admitted into IVY or other famous universities is that I can not remember their names.....
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 楼主| 数字媒体技术 发表于 2014-1-9 12:31:55 | 显示全部楼层
Obama to name 5 'Promise Zones' for assistance. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
http://www.usatoday.com/story/th ... 8697/?csp=fbfanpage

Momo: They are San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, southeastern Kentucky, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, OMG!Does LA need assistance?La is one of the richest cities in the US,like NYC,in many Chinese mind.
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2014/1/17:《USA Today》

Sex assault, cyberbullying preceded Calif. girl's suicide
-google 1point3acres

Memo:I dont wanna say too much about this pathetic girl,just one world,f*** those boys

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2014/2/1:《Udacity blog》

Megan: From Researcher to Developer
http://blog.udacity.com/2013/10/ ... tm_campaign=january

Advice for other students?

Come up with a project that's your own. Something you actually want to see in the world. Having something of your own is really helpful as a learning tool and motivator.  I wrote a script that randomly emailed my husband once a month and told him to buy me flowers. It's a fairly simple concept, but I had to learn a lot of things to implement it.
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2014/2/3:《The Economist》
Global smartphone shipments

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2014/2/4 《Facrbook》
Fabook's 10th annivecersary——by Mark Zuckberg

Today is Facebook's 10th anniversary.
. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
It's been an amazing journey so far, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. It's rare to be able to touch so many people's lives, and I try to remind myself to make the most of every day and have the biggest impact I can.

People often ask if I always knew that Facebook would become what it is today. No way.

I remember getting pizza with my friends one night in college shortly after opening Facebook. I told them I was excited to help connect our school community, but one day someone needed to connect the whole world. 鏉ユ簮涓浜.涓夊垎鍦拌鍧.

I always thought this was important -- giving people the power to share and stay connected, empowering people to build their own communities themselves.

When I reflect on the last 10 years, one question I ask myself is: why were we the ones to build this? We were just students. We had way fewer resources than big companies. If they had focused on this problem, they could have done it.

The only answer I can think of is: we just cared more.

While some doubted that connecting the world was actually important, we were building. While others doubted that this would be sustainable, you were forming lasting connections.

We just cared more about connecting the world than anyone else. And we still do today. 鏉ユ簮涓浜.涓夊垎鍦拌鍧.

That's why I'm even more excited about the next ten years than the last. The first ten years were about bootstrapping this network. Now we have the resources to help people across the world solve even bigger and more important problems.

Today, only one-third of the world's population has access to the internet. In the next decade, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to connect the other two-thirds.
. 鍥磋鎴戜滑@1point 3 acres
Today, social networks are mostly about sharing moments. In the next decade, they'll also help you answer questions and solve complex problems.
. visit 1point3acres.com for more.
Today, we have only a few ways to share our experiences. In the next decade, technology will enable us to create many more ways to capture and communicate new kinds of experiences.

It's been amazing to see how all of you have used our tools to build a real community. You've shared the happy moments and the painful ones. You've started new families, and kept spread out families connected. You've created new services and built small businesses. You've helped each other in so many ways.
. 涓浜-涓夊垎-鍦帮紝鐙鍙戝竷
I'm so grateful to be able to help build these tools for you. I feel a deep responsibility to make the most of my time here and serve you the best I can..1point3acres缃
. 1point3acres.com/bbs
Thank you for letting me be a part of this journey. 鍥磋鎴戜滑@1point 3 acres
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2014/2/5 《Glamour》Taylor Swift Talks Love: "Never Give Anyone an Excuse to Say You're Crazy"


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2014/2/7 《USA Today》
Ivy Leagues rank in top 5 for most sexually healthy universities. more info on 1point3acres.com
http://www.usatodayeducate.com/staging/index.php/pulse/ivy-leagues-rank-in-top-5-for-most-sexually-healthy-universities. from: 1point3acres.com/bbs
Memo:Pinceton,columbia,brown-google 1point3acres
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小K 发表于 2014-2-7 12:15:55 | 显示全部楼层
jiayou ~~~
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2014/2/8 《USA Today》
College student discounts you didn’t know existed
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2014/2/10 《Times》Inexplicably Popular Flappy Bird Game Will Soon Cease to Exist

Memo:Dong didn’t add much further explanation, but he did clarify that the decision is not related to legal issues. “I just cannot keep it anymore,” he said.
[backcolor=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.792969)]What the hell happened?

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2014/2/11 《USA Today》. visit 1point3acres.com for more.
Facebook's Zuckerberg biggest giver in 2013

. 1point3acres.com/bbs

Memo:I remember FB performs very disappointed during its IPO period.....so,is that a reason for Mark to sell stock?

. visit 1point3acres.com for more.

《New Yorker》
Cheap Wordshttp://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/02/17/140217fa_fact_packer?utm_source=tny&utm_campaign=generalsocial&utm_medium=facebook&mbid=social_facebook

Memo:1.Amazon is a global superstore, like Walmart. It’s also a hardware manufacturer, like Apple, and a utility, like Con Edison, and a video distributor, like Netflix, and a book publisher, like Random House, and a production studio, like Paramount, and a literary magazine, like The Paris Review, and a grocery deliverer, like FreshDirect, and someday it might be a package service, like U.P.S. Its founder and chief executive, Jeff Bezos, also owns a major newspaper, the Washington Post. All these streams and tributaries make Amazon something radically new in the history of American business

2.“Where is Earth’s biggest bookstore?”    “Cyberspace,” Bezos replied.. 1point3acres.com/bbs
    “We started a Web site last year. Who are your suppliers?”
    “Ingram, and Baker & Taylor.”
    “Ours, too. What’s your database?”
    “ ‘Books in Print.’ ”
    “Ours, too. So what makes you Earth’s biggest?”
    “We have the most affiliate links”—a form of online advertising.
    . From 1point 3acres bbs
3.Bezos said that Amazon intended to sell books as a way of gathering data on affluent, educated shoppers. The books would be priced close to cost, in order to increase sales volume. After collecting data on millions of customers, Amazon could figure out how to sell everything else dirt cheap on the Internet.

4. according to one publisher’s estimate, book sales in the U.S. now make up no more than seven per cent of the company’s roughly seventy-five billion dollars in annual revenue


. from: 1point3acres.com/bbs

. 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
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2014/2/13 《The USA Today》Mom's Facebook page to show son he's loved goes viral. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,


Colin‘s page:https://www.facebook.com/Coliniseleven
. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,

Memo:I feel shocked when i saw this news,Cuz i am whatching Parenthood ,there is a kid who also has Asperger's syndrome,Mom always be the person who loved U deepest
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 楼主| 数字媒体技术 发表于 2014-2-14 13:45:41 | 显示全部楼层
2014/2/14 《Havard Press》


World Map of Enrollment of HavardX offerings         
the difference between China and India    
QQ截图20140214134003.png QQ截图20140214133945.png . visit 1point3acres.com for more.

. From 1point 3acres bbs
Memo:有时候在看不起三哥的时候想想差距,India is not built in one day
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 楼主| 数字媒体技术 发表于 2014-2-17 22:15:42 | 显示全部楼层
2014/2/17 《The economist》
Skimming off the top
Why America has such a high rate of payment-card fraud

http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21596547-why-america-has-such-high-rate-payment-card-fraud-skimming-top. visit 1point3acres.com for more.

Memo:1.America‘s credit cards are not chip—and—PIN,which is harder to be stolen than cards with magnetic strips
           2.Target is changing its devices for less frauds
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