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My experience in North America -- CS student in Concordia

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PincessR 发表于 2014-1-5 07:40:52 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

[13Fall] MS.Offer CS@Concordia

Don't need to be afraid of anything. Before I landed Montreal, I was worrying that I might not be able to find apartment, understand the lecturer, or even fail on exams. But these never happened. So it won't happen to you either, as long as you work on it.

I got my bachelor degree in China. I don't think it is more difficult to get higher grades in north america. The reason is,

B is for sure not difficult. If you wanna get A, you'll need to make sure that every one of your assignment should be good, and the project if you have. Final really depends. In my case, I worked more than 50 hours a week for last semester. I chose two courses in my department, besides I've took two online courses.

Since I'm thesis-based student, I have frequent contacts with my supervisor. I think it's better to have close relationship with profs since they can usually provide you with more opportunities, some might not even occur to you. In any case, this is not bad connection, and the whole north america society depend on connections heavily.

平常除了多跟同胞交流,是否经常跟外国同学party? 一般一起玩什么呢?有什么值得注意的地方可以提醒新人注意的吗?:
One of my roommates is CBC, so I have chance to meet lots of CBCs (Canada born Chinese), or friends from other countries.
We usually had parties on special occasions, say Thanksgiving, Christmas. Then we'd cook to serve our guests, and after dinner, we played killer's game, or cards. And on Christmas, we have Secret Santa that is to exchange gifts for friends.
Something to note is that most foreigners are very nice and friendly, so try to be friends with them. Please don't feel intimidated for any reason.

你获取求职信息的主要途径是什么?学校里的career service/job fair多吗?你觉得有用吗?:
From BBS, chatting with my friends, students elder than me. I have some friends in my lab who are hired by pretty good companies. As well, I did go to workshop that helps ppl learn tips on career fair. I volunteered for last career fair, I think it is always good to be well prepared.

Life is simple. I contribute most of my time to study, coding, cooking, sleeping and as entertainment, I go shopping. It's not like in China, that I always felt very busy yet inefficient, here on the contrary, I'm studying for myself and it's fulfilled.

In Canada, taxes are high. We do envy students in America.

Since I'm thesis-based student, I spent most of the day in my lab, not really have lots of chance to talk and chat, so I think my speaking is falling behind. My reading is improving, so is listening. It becomes easier for me to remember words. My toefl grade is 109 before I came.

I think there are some pretty good methods you can try after landed north america, like chatting with staffs in supermarket, bank, or online, whenever you felt tired of study, you can please yourself talking with some natives.



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 楼主| PincessR 发表于 2014-1-6 06:24:46 | 显示全部楼层
sorry, i have not finished the second question. I think it's not difficult to get high GPA in north america, the reason is mainly because they have very specific and detailed grading criteria that you can look into. So try to accomplish these criteria item by item. Unlike courses in China, some lecturers are really irresponsible, they can grade you as they wish~~~ And because you can always ask for help from your TAs, they are paid to help you, so make the most of it.
However, if you rely on only final week's review, I don't think what I wrote is gonna help.
Sorry again for not being able to type in Chinese ~~~
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xywust 发表于 2014-5-22 22:17:15 | 显示全部楼层
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