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[G-讨论|求助] GRE阅读一题求助 答案为D,为什么?

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A list of the fifteen operas most frequently performed in recent times includes no works by the nineteenth-century German composer Richard Wagner. Although music producers tend to produce what audiences want,relative infrequency of performance probably does not indicate lack of popularity in Wagner's case, since Wagner's operas are notoriously expensive to perform on stage.

  Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the conclusion of the argument above?

  (A)The list of most frequently performed operas does not include operas produced by small amateur groups.

  (B)Some opera companies are backed by patrons who are willing to commit large sums of money in order to enjoy lavish productions.

  (C)All of the fifteen most frequently performed operas of recent times are works that have been popular for at least 75 years.

  (D)More recordings have been produced recently of the works of Wagner than of the works of any other composer of opera.

  (E)Operatic works of all kinds have been increasing in popularity in recent years.
La_Lune 发表于 2014-1-15 07:03:52 | 显示全部楼层
D从recording发行量上说明了欣赏Wagner的听众数量众多,因为如果他的作品受冷落唱片公司不会亏本去发行他的作品;这印证了passage里说的,Wagner的作品是受欢迎的,因而performance中出现他作品次数少不是缺乏欣赏他的听众,更可能是文中所指出的,"his operas are notoriously expensive to perform on stage" GRE 728x90
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