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[套辞/联系] 教授发邮件问要不要transfer到另一个program.求大家给意见。标题党,标题一定要长。。

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奇奇百合 发表于 2014-1-28 12:29:48 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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今天意外收到一封邮件,大致是这样的申请的program的教授给我发邮件说觉得另一个program更加适合我。说适合我背景和Interest神马的。问我要不要transfer application。 但是说另一个program竞争也很激烈,大概有 10-15%的录取率。。。也不保证就能录取。而且要转的那个program是个professional program。超贵的说,也不知道水不水,学校是伯克利。教授态度倒是挺好的,写有问题联系他,然后还说如果对另一个program有问题,就给另一个人发邮件。。
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fairytale_sz 发表于 2014-1-28 13:16:17 | 显示全部楼层
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 楼主| 奇奇百合 发表于 2014-1-28 13:47:01 | 显示全部楼层

Dear Professor XXX,

Thanks very much for your suggestion. I have went through the website of your suggested program. I would say that the Master of Engineering program is an excellent program. . from:

I would admit that my undergraduate courses in business are better aligned with those classes provided in the Master of Engineering program. However, business core classes are not for me to choose at my university, and I chose to learn my undergraduate degree from a mathematical standpoint. Therefore, I chose classes as Derivative Securities and Portfolio Management classes and added my Statistics major. I believe I am a quick leaner from the fact that I maintain a 4.0 GPA after I changed my major form English to Statistics and Finance.  Thus, I have the confident to perform well if there is a chance for me of the Master of Science program.

I think I am fully understand how important interest is for a person, and this is the reason why I came to U.S. to study. I know that the "American Dream" is probably a cliche for international students. But I do believe that America is a better place to pursue one's dream because I got the chance to study statistics and finance only after transferring here. So I would like to hold on with my dream with any little chance. If there is available place for Fall 2014, would you mind considering my application? . From 1point 3acres bbs

I am deeply agree with what you said on the website " I am interested in modeling these problems, devising solution procedures using quantitative techniques, and deriving managerial insights from the analysis." I think this is what I really interest in, and I am very sorry if my personal statement make any confusion about my interest.

Thanks again for your advice and thanks for your time.
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南方飞云 发表于 2014-2-4 03:26:36 | 显示全部楼层
我遇到了。。。我申请的rochester bme phd。。。。陶瓷的导师是bme和ece的教授。。。。老师直接就forward了一份给ece。。。。说在哪个系都可以advise我。。。
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nunuh89 发表于 2014-2-4 05:44:47 | 显示全部楼层
不过我说 要我就转了
一般这么告诉你说叫你转 其实就说明你现在申的 你是没可能了
转你有可能有个AD 不转你就扔钱给他们了
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