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[T-经验] 托福写作数据统计段 写法范例

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上次托福写作考了27 个人觉得在论证中编一段非常接地气儿的数据统计还是很有用的。现在把我积累的段落分享给大家。


National Geography demonstrates that if the golobal temperature rises for 3 degrees on average, then more than one third of all the creatures will die out, which is a catastrophe for the human beings as well.

For a country that owns a great population as 1.4 billion, an illiteracy rate of 4.08% is astonishing enough to bear.

The president of the World Bank once announced that once the global petroleum price rises for 10 dollars/barrel, the world’s economic growth will slow down by 0.5%; the number is even more serious in developing countries such as China: it will reach up to 0.75%

1)     调查的时间(2012, 2013, recently)
2)     调查的机构(
National Statistics Bureau
China Daily
Chinese Business News Weekly 商业
Beijing Morning Post
Peking University, Tsinghua
   3) 调查的人数和人群
   4)调查结果(百分比, “声称的具体内容“)

with the vocational guidance/career preparation provided by the university, students could develop sharpen competitive edge of seeking for jobs. Recently Renmin university released a report. among the 2,538 graduates who have successfully secured a satisfied job, more than 87.5% of them claim that “the industry information offered by college paved the way for them to choose the right direction for the future development”. Even nearly 20% of them argued that “had it not been for the business etiquette introduced in the career training in school, they might have failed the crucial interview period.” However, among all of them, only less than 1% contended that “their success in job-hunting had nothing to do with the assistance from colleges.” Therefore, for the overwhelming majority of the students, it is a wise choice to receive career planning from universities.

Visiting museums is not the best way to learn about the country.
The best way to improve education is to raise teachers’ salaries.

statistics show that in the year 2013, the e mployment rate for the students from specialized schools is 73.2%, more than 20% higher than that for the graduates of ordinary universities. As a result/therefore/naturally/without doubt, many argue that specialization prevails over wide range of the knowledge. (话题的同意转述 ) plausible as it seems, I think otherwise.
This argument seems reasonable in the first glance; however, further reflection will reveal how questionable/problematic it is.
However, I simply find this assertion ridiculous/superficial.

Few would deny that Sister Feng’s appearence is harming the social harmony: statistics show that among 100 people who have ever witnessed SF, more than 99 of them failed to fall asleep that particular night. As a result, many argue that… Contrary to what they think, I contend that…

according to a recent report released by the National Statistics Bureau of China, the illiteracy rate was 4.08% in the year 2010, 2.53% lower than that of ten years ago/a decade ago. Clearly, for the overall population, at least in China, the more advanced education is more easily available than (the education) in the past.

Many people consider themselves as the victims of TV commercials which temp them to eat junk food. Statistics show that advertisements boost the sales of food company at an average proportion of 6% each year, which may also influence the average weight per person. However, this statement simply take one factor into consideration. There are many other causes of unhealthy eating habits  that are much stronger than commercials, especially one's internal desire, .

According to a recent report released by the National Statistics Bureau of China, the Beijing Olympic Games have made a profit of 2 billion RMB which merely accounts for 10% of the goverment investment.






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