[职场感言] 工作一年了,聊聊三件事


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Hook 2:背景介绍+自己观点

  • 凤姐整容:
  • 整容流行 我支持凤姐整容
  • 凤姐雷人 该整容
  • Every now and then we are bombarded by Sister Feng's "thunderous " behavior-- self
Background introduction:

1. 社会现象:
  • It is a common phenomenon that...
  • It is not rare
  • It is not surprising to hear grand corporations such as P&G and the Microsoft injecting huge amounts of assets to launch beneficial programs in the colleges to facilitate many poor stds' education; it is also not rare to see teenagers in even the poorest families to attend the university. Clearly, superior educational systems are indeed more accessible for the current ppl, regardless of the age or class(gender).
2. 趋势(适合新老对比话题) e.g.过去是否比现在更容易成功?
  • There is a growing tendency that...
文盲率 2010  4.08%

          2000  6.62%
According to a recent report released by the National Statistics Bureau of China, the illiteracy rate was 4.08% in the year 2010, 2.53% lower than that of ten years ago/a decade ago. Clearly, for the overall population, at least in China, the more advanced education is more easily available  than (the education) in the past.


3. 定义:(适合具有抽象概念的话题)
  • 现在的人比过去的人更容易接受到良好的教育
  • 良好教育  
  • enriched and profound knowledge
  • critical thinking ability
  • benign moral value
  • is someone who not only is equipped with abundant, enriched and profound knowledge in terms of wide varieties of academic subjects, but more importantly, has developed his unique critical thinking ability that helps him to avoid the equivocal thoughts.
  • sp1: 现在社会更容易培养知识丰富的人
  • sp1:现在的环境更容易使人批判思维能力上升

The definition to sucess varies from time to time: in the Qing Dynasty of China, success was all about becoming a governmental chief administrator; back to the 1940, success for the teenagers was to defeat the Japanese enemies; in current society, however, success is more about realizing one's internal/potential value, regardless of the occupation. Under such definition, success is definitely no longer a distant dream for citizens.

  • 背景介绍和观点之间不是一定要有逻辑过度 eg. page 20 of the handout
  • 背景介绍结束之后亦可以跟反方原因+反方观点+自己观点

Psychologists verified that  people are easier to suffer from procrastination when dealing with several tasks simultaneously. I'm constantly caught in this predicament. Clearly, loads of businesses at hand put a person under great pressure that engenders a sense of self-doubt. Contrarily, one will not come across the problems of pressure, time management and different deadlines, if he or she deals with one project at a time.

The projects is often defined as a time-taking task that lasts for a relatively long period of time, ranging from months to even years. As a std, I am consistently overwhelmed by a bunch of projects for each of the semester: receiving top grades in every subject, participating in a municipal academic competition, organizing a major extracurricular event, and ect. confronting such great workload, I choose to deal with them simultaneously, rather than subsequently, because of the evened pressure, the higher efficiency, and the better time-managing ability.

such as
  • 一定跟在举例对象之后
  • 一定跟名词,动名词,或者不定式,极少数时候跟动词。但是一定不会跟句子
I have a lot of work to do , such as do the housecleaning, prepare for the food,etc.





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