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对UW-Seattle申ME PHD发MSE AD解释的再次补充

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[14Fall.PhD.AD无奖][ME@UW-Seattle]通知时间: 2014-02-22
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    事情是这样的,我和地里几位同学申请了UW的ME的PHD,收到的AD是MSE(Master of Science in Engineering).
    据我掌握的信息来看,貌似国内机械专业(机械及自动化、热能与动力工程,材料工程等)的同学都被录为非机械专业了,申请PHD都被降为MS发的ad(可能有人没有MS degree已录为直博了吧,只是我还不知道)。

    zhaitb的帖子(click me!)已经简单说明了原因,据说是电话问小蜜得到的答复。. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,

    Dear WK,

    Hello! I’m a student ( with BS Degree but no MS Degree) from China and I’ve just received an admission letter mentioning my enrollment into the Department of Mechanical Engineering MSE program.
    . Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
    I’m writing this email to ask you about three questions:

    1. My intention was to apply for the ME direct-PhD program but I got admitted by your MSE program instead. I’d like to know how the decision is made.

    Is this because that I’m not qualified for the PhD program, or the ME PhD program only accept those who already have master degrees?.1point3acres缃

    2. In the admission letter I was informed that my undergraduate degree is not in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related field. But my undergraduate major is Thermal and Power Engineering, which is included in Mechanical Engineering. So could you tell me why my major is not considered to be a ME related major?

    3. Can I still get departmental financial assistance (TA or fellowship) if I’m not in the ME PhD program?

    Thanks for your time and looking forward to your reply.

    Very truly yours,

    MQ 鏉ユ簮涓浜.涓夊垎鍦拌鍧.

    . From 1point 3acres bbs


    Dear MQ,
    Thank you for your inquiry. My sincere apologies for delay in replying to you due to the high volume of emails and calls we receive – I am behind in replying my emails. We appreciate your patience in this matter.
    The selection process for this year has been the most competitive ever. We received more than 30% increasing of applications this year. We do receive many more qualified applicants than our enrollment and resources available in our PhD degree program. So that we encourage students who have not completed Master’s degree yet to enroll in our Master’s degree program and complete 42 credits. Then you will be able to be rolled over to PhD degree program. We will only require an internal PhD application form, statement of purpose and a supporting letter from your faculty adviser. You can find more details and information about our degree requirements here: http://www.me.washington.edu/students/grad/index.html.
    If you believe you are eligible to enroll in MSME degree, please complete the attached checklists as the above.  As you probably know, degree requirements vary from university to university and country to country. This makes it extremely difficult to ensure that students have completed all of our cores, undergraduate required courses and are admitted into the correct program by simply looking at a degree title on a transcript.  After my office reviews the forms, we will notify you of our decision.
    There are other opportunities that do appear. Occasionally a faculty member will receive funding that is appropriate from an MS student, e.g., a project that focuses on technology rather than research, or one of limited duration. Sometimes, unexpected funding will come in, and the faculty member needs to find a student right away. Often the faculty member will approach students who have impressed them in class.  If you are interested in any professor’s research projects, please do not hesitate to contact them directly.


    1. PHD被自动降级为MS录取的原因是,申请人数年年上涨,今年格外多(涨了30%,550人只录50-70博士+硕士),竞争异常激烈,于是本来可能有直博的机会全部给了有硕士degree的PHD申请者,我等本科生只能自动降级为硕士。当然真想去读博,修满42学分,还是可以继续读的,内部申请更方便。

    2. checklist在http://www.1point3acres.com/bbs/thread-84987-1-1.html里可以下到,我就不在这里放压缩包坑米了。据我分析,这个checklist包含了中国国内机械、能源、材料等专业的核心课程,除非你把机械大类的所有专业的核心课程都上一遍,不然你是不可能被录为UW的ME的。海本估计不会有这个问题。我是能源的,对着checklist看发现很多课确实没有上过,去UW补课,压力大,学分多,家里穷,还是算了吧。

    3. 硕士还是有机会搞到钱的,和博士一样还是需要套磁的。但是硕士的资金不稳定,家底不丰厚的我还是放弃。我知道很多人欣欣向往Seattle,申请被拒,悲伤了好一阵子。拿到ad的我怎么也高兴不起来,和贫困山区孩子考上重点大学的心情是一样一样的。

    最后,对于之前我发的报PhD ad的帖子表示抱歉,除了这个ad是不被告知的情况下降为MS的,其他ad都是PhD ad. UW的ad我之前没有自信看就发帖了,三天之后才发现是MSE的ad. 不是故意的。。。




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