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[G作文-求改] 第一篇作文,求批评求指导

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(这是Pool of Issue Topics中的第一篇作文,论述随着人们越来越依靠技术,解决问题的能力会不会逐步丧失。)
The topic implies that as technology hasbeen developing for centuries and we have come to a world where technology canhelp us do almost anything now, we will undoubtedly rely on it more and moreuntil we lost the ability to solve problems. I agree with it partly becausethere are two aspects we can't ignore: technology is the production of humanthinking and there must be something can't be substituted by technology.

When talking about technology referring toordinary people in daily life, I agree that we may lose our ability to solveproblems. It's not abnormal to imagine a life, where you spray something onyour body as the clothes, have pills to keep away from hungry and get enoughnutrition, insert a slug in the brain to obtain knowledge. With these technologes,why do we have to learn to put on clothes, farm, cook and reading? There alwaysbe a technology to solve the very problem. Ordinary people can just wait tillthe technology appears and the ability to solve problems is just needless.

However, it is human who developedtechnology. Although some animals can use tools to get food, technology amonghuman is far from assuring enough food and clothes. We use technology to makeour dreams come true. We can control the garage door in the bedroom, tell someoneon the opposite of the earth what is happening around you, and even fly toanother planet. All of these are because we have need, curiosity and craving, sowe must figure out a method to reach this goal. The process we researching,exploring and proving itself is a process of solving problems. That is to say,we must learn how to solve problems ceaselessly to develop technology andsatisfy our enlarging appetite.

Though we now can do almost anything withso developed technology, there must be something we can't turn to it. Emotions,ethics, values, ingenuity and those things which need complicated amalgamationof culture, relationships, environment and thinking, they can't be replaced bya cold machine. We live in a world with humanity, and we grow up companying theshape of all those complicated things. Human will not allow robots to capturethis world, nor will they develop technology that will deprive them of thosewonderful experiences in life, even if they can develop such technology. Therefore,we can't totally rely on technology to solve problems in these fields.

In conclusion, although technology makemajority of us lazy to think about how to solve problems, it will not do allfor us. What's more, it creates new problems and drives some people to learnmore and strengthen their ability to solve problems.



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