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UBC MMOR share experience with you guys...

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last_valley 发表于 2014-3-26 07:58:22 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


beautiful campus, actually one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen.

huge Chinese community. It is very convenient on one side, the other side is you do get some discrimination, because too many Chinese people are driving local people moving other places....... Not mean to over stress it. In campus, you are fine and will be respected if you are a nice and hard working man.

I got an under grad degree in Purdue (US)

Not too bad in deed in terms of the work load. You have great flexibility in what you want to specialize.

I think Purdue has work-class engineering program and regional outstanding science program. So for engineering student like me, that's just enough for my need.

I think grad student should continue what you learnt in undergrad and then be more specialize in certain area. Don't restricted in the classes in your department, don't restected in AD's suggestion. Build your own focus so that you can develop your career on it.

Spend as much as you can....

roughly..... 40 hour other than lecture should cover it.

Don't sacrifise your work out time or your beer drinking time. You need to make friend and you don't want to stress out.

All of the faculty are your resourses.

For me, I take this program because it is very professional oriented. Faculties will help you build industry connections.

What else you are expecting????!!!

平常除了多跟同胞交流,是否经常跟外国同学party? 一般一起玩什么呢?有什么值得注意的地方可以提醒新人注意的吗?:
You need Chinese friend. and you need canadian friends. We do have sausage parties a lot, lol.

Don't over thinking... it's just friends hangout. Be cool and act normal.

你获取求职信息的主要途径是什么?学校里的career service/job fair多吗?你觉得有用吗?:
Great career service.

100% job garateed, true story.

I mean, what else you are expecting?


I like it here in vancouver, it's nice, and it never snows. that's the best......

talk to others,

you will improve quickly



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