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[SUNYBuffalo] 求助deposit 和 I-20问题

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[14Fall] MS.MFE/Fin/FinMath@sunybaffalo


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Congratulations on your recent acceptance to the UB MS Finance program!

Many of you are asking how to pay the tuition deposit and how to get your I-20.  Below I have outlined the next steps:
. 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
[size=14.166666030883789px]1.        If you uploaded your UB financial form, Financial Supporting documents and official transcripts to our office I will send over all your documents to International Admissions.  The International Admissions Office needs to process your documents for the I-20 and then the University will issue you a UB Person number.  The International Admissions process takes about 8 weeks to receive your copy of the I-20.  It takes them about 2 weeks to receive your UB ID, also known as the UB person number.   
[size=14.166666030883789px]2.       Once a UB person number is generated then you are allowed to pay your deposit ONLINE
[size=14.166666030883789px]3.       This only happens when you’re I-20 documents are processed successfully by International Admissions.

Until you hear from International Admissions about the final approval of your documents you cannot pay the deposit.  If you would like to confirm for the MS finance program before the deadline of May 1st please upload your UB financial documents to the system and we will take care of processing your I-20 next week.

lz想问的是 邮件是说交了定金才有I-20吗? 可是里面没有提截止日期吖? 还有 里面没有提奖学金的事,难道就是ad了吗?
-google 1point3acres



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