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[编程题] Matlab

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Students are expected to submit properly commented script and/or function files that solve the
problem stated. Do not submit your figure files. Your script and/or function files should
automatically generate any figures required.
For each of the problems below, I want you to document the following:
1. Identify the problem statement
2. Define the inputs and outputs to each problem
3. Show a pseudo code design of the solution
4. Show that you have tested your MATLAB code appropriately
All of this should be documented separately from the MATLAB code in a Word document (.doc or
.docx) or an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf). Please don’t use any other formats.
Problem: Write a function named solveSystem that has three inputs: two vectors consisting of
coefficients [a b c] of two line equations of the form ax + by = c and a vector of x values.
a. The function should output a vector giving the x and y values of the point of intersection
between the two lines. If the lines are parallel, return the empty vector.
b. Your function should also plot the two lines using the inputted vector of x values and x.
In addition, on the same graph, plot the intersection point of the two lines. Choose
proper colors, line styles, and point markers to make the plot clear to the reader.

Include a legend and label your plot properly.



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