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[Maryland] 关于umd的ents项目,master in telecommunications

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[14Fall] MS.EE@scut


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Dear xx,

Thank you for your email. I hope that I can provide you with some moreinformation about the Master's in Telecommunications (ENTS) program.
The ENTS programis distinctive in that the core courses are divided between technical subjectmatter and MBA-style business courses. The technical courses cover InformationSystem Security, Wireless Communications, and Networking; while the businesscourses teach business and management skills for the Telecommunications industry.The goal is to help students advance within the telecom profession and tocreate industry leaders.

The degreerequires 30 credits, which translates to 10 three-credit courses, and ascholarly paper. You can read more about the degree requirements here: On average, full-time students take 3 classes per semester to complete theprogram in 2 years. You can also take 4 classes in one semester to complete theprogram in 1.5 years.

The traditionalENEE programs or computer science programs typically do not accept ENTS coursesas transfer courses as the ENTS courses are unique to the program. If you beganthe ENTS program and decided you would want to pursue another degree program,you would need to apply to and be accepted to that program following thetraditional deadlines. You are not able to switch or transfer from one programto another. Once beginning a new program, you could petition a program toaccept up to 6 credits (two courses) from ENTS, but that approval and decisionis at the discretion of the program.
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. from:

As far as course selection within the ENTS program, youwould initially meet with the academic advisor prior to the start of your firstsemester. He will help you make a course plan that most closely meets yourinterests and professional goals. In the ENTS program, students are required totake 8 core courses; 4 from the technical area, and 4 business courses.Students also select 2 additional "elective" courses for a total of10 courses (30 credits). If there are courses outside of the ENTS program thatwould make sense in your course plan, you are able to petition to substituteone elective course for a course outside of the department. Students are alsogiven the opportunity to take two placement exams, which, if passed, allow forthe exemption from two of the core technical courses, leaving more room foradditional ENTS elective courses.

I hope thisinformation helps and answers all of your questions. Please let me know if youhave any further questions.

Kerrie Amirault

Program Office. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
Master's in Telecommunications Program
University of Maryland
A.V. Williams 2433
(301) 405-3682
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