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[金工金数] 项目信息:Chicago MSFM Singapore Campus 国内学历认证问题

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Singapore Office的人的邮件回复。感觉学历认证应该不是问题了。
I would like to reassure you that The University of Chicago has worked closely with the Ministry of Education of China and CSCSE concerning degree/diploma verification for the msfM Program in Singapore. Students of the Program who wish to have their diploma verified by the MOE/CSCSE, follow a process specified by the MOE/CSCSE which includes presenting certain documents and meeting MOE/CSCSE's criteria.  One of the criteria is 9 months abroad for the purpose of studying for the MSFM. Students need to be located outside of China: studying in Singapore, or in Chicago, or a combination of the two locations, are all acceptable. I am pleased to tell you that a number of 2013 graduates of MSFM-Singapore have had their diplomas successfully verified by MOE/CSCSE.

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