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[Coursera] Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials 课程汇总帖

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[Coursera]Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials #6 - 2014-02-17@Johns Hopkins University


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Course website:

Course Syllabus
The course will mainly focus on the nuts and bolt of clinical trials design.  Lecture topics are:
  • Terminology and Common Trial Designs
  • Randomization – what is it and how do we do it
  • Blinding treatment – why and how we keep everyone in the dark about the treatment
  • Selecting outcome – good and bad ones
  • Analyzing the data – principle of intention-to-treat, why it’s not crazy
  • Reporting the results – CONSORT guidelines, a good road map for readers and writers
  • Ethical issues – why they are important and what they are

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:



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