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EroicaCMCS 发表于 2014-4-25 16:27:33 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

[Udacity]Udacity #1 - 2014-04-01@Udacity


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如题。Udacity即将“stop issuing free courseware completion certificates”,怎么能这样。。。

Udacity 4月17号的邮件,被系统分到了垃圾邮件,今天无意中翻到的,全文如下:

Hi Eroica,

At Udacity, our mission has always been to support our students to advance not just their education but also their careers. To achieve this, we stress learning by doing. That’s why we introduced Verified Certificates back in January. These certificates authenticate both the identity and skills of our students, through real-life projects and a final assessment. Our industry partners and students value them as a strong signal of skills mastery.

In contrast, certificates for free courseware completion reward completing a rigorous course, but they are neither identity-verified nor based on a project completion review. We have now heard from many students and employers alike that they would like to see more rigor in our certification.

As a result, we have made the very difficult decision to stop issuing free courseware completion certificates. The courseware will continue to be available for free.
We really value the hard work you have put into our classes.

If you have already earned certificates of completion, they remain available to you through your profile.

If you are still working towards one, you have two options:
  • You can still earn a certificate of free courseware completion until May 16 at 11:59 PM PDT.
  • You can upgrade to earn a Verified Certificate, while working alongside a personal coach. Here’s a 20% discount voucher* for your first class:
We want to support you, by standing behind your skills as you use them to advance your career. For any questions about this transition, please don’t hesitate to
Hsiao-Lu Lee,

Director of Student Services, Udacity

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