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[经验总结] Telecom@UMD的选课问题以及学位问题

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由于是商学院和ECE合办的,所以关羽学位和选课问了下小米,基本上和之前地里的一篇帖子相符,下面贴出来小米的原话:Upon successful completion of the program, you will have earned a Master of Science degree. The ENTS Program is a join program between the A James Clark School of Engineering and the R H Smith School of Business. However, the ENTS Program is officially a part of the ECE Department in the Clark School. Your official diploma will read "The Graduate School"
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The ENTS Program requires that you complete 4 technical core courses, 4 business core courses, and an additional two elective courses. You do have the chance to complete two placement exams, which is passed allow you to be exempt from two of the technical core courses, leaving you up to two additional elective courses, depending on a passing grade. You are allowed to select up to one course outside of the ENTS department for an elective course. You would need to work with your academic advisor regarding your course selection and submit an "Elective Course Substitution Request" if you wanted to complete a course outside of the department.  At the start of your program, you would meet with your academic advisor to discuss your course selection and your career goals.

You can review more information about the degree requirements here, typical course sequences here, and course descriptions here. The Graduate Handbook, is also a great resource for more information about all aspects of the ENTS program. You can access the handbook here.

The ENTS Program is designed to prepare students for professional positions in the Telecommunications industry. You are required to complete a scholarly paper, but it is not a research focused program. While some do go on to PhD programs, the majority of our students enter the workforce after graduation. Students go on to work for companies such as Qualcomm, Hughes Network Systems, AT&T, Verizon, Intel, T-Mobile, Amazon, CommScope, Teleworx, and many more. We have a wide variety of career services on campus which assists students in all aspects of the job search. There are also a number of career fairs held on campus each year.  A majority of students also complete an internship over the summer between their first and second years to gain valuable work experience.

Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance!

A majority of students...我很想问中国去的前辈们现在还好么...



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