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[G-讨论|求助] PP2 Verbal 阅读题目跪求解答!三道题全跪。

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In Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry does not reject integration or the economic and moral promise of the American dream; rather, she remains loyal to this dream while looking, realistically, at its incomplete realization. Once we recognize this dual vision, we can accept the play's ironic nuances as deliberate social commentaries by Hansberry rather than as the "unintentional" irony that Bigsby attributes to the work. Indeed, a curiously persistent refusal to credit Hansberry with a capacity for intentional irony has led some critics to interpret the play's thematic conflicts as mere confusion, contradiction, or eclecticism. Isaacs, for example, cannot easily reconcile Hansberry's intense concern for her race with her ideal of human reconciliation. But the play's complex view of Black self-esteem and human solidarity as compatible is no more "contradictory" than Du Bois's famous, well-considered ideal of ethnic self-awareness coexisting with human unity, or Fanon's emphasis on an ideal internationalism that also accommodates national identities and roles.
 16. The author's primary purpose in the passage is to

  A. explain some critics' refusal to consider Raisin in the Sun a deliberately ironic play
  B. suggest that ironic nuances ally Raisin in the Sun with Du Bois's and Fanon's writings
  C. analyze the fundamental dramatic conflicts in Raisin in the Sun
  D. emphasize the inclusion of contradictory elements in Raisin in the Sun
  E. affirm the thematic coherence underlying Raisin in the Sun

第二题为什么是Du Bois项而不是第二个“intense”项或者E项?
In which of the following does the author of the passage reinforce his criticism of responses such as Isaacs’ to Raisin in the Sun?
(A) The statement that Hansberry is “loyal” to the American dream
(B) The description of Hansberry’s concern for Black Americans as “intense”
(C) The assertion that Hansberry is concerned with “human solidarity”
(D) The description of Du Bois’ ideal as “well-considered”
(E) The description of Fanon’s internationalism as “ideal”

第三题为什么是1 3 项?
It can be inferred from the passage that the author believes which of the following about Hansberry‘s use of irony in Raisin in the Sun?
1.It shows in the play's thematic conflicts.
2 It is justified by Hansberry‘s loyalty to a favorable depiction of American life.* _6 \) T* T% }8 \1 X$ I) ]
3 It reflects Hansberry‘s reservations about the extent to which the American dream has been realized.
monkerek 发表于 2014-5-19 21:58:59 | 显示全部楼层
第一题应该要至少看完Indeed才能做出来。文章的主题是在论述Hansberry在作品中是有意识地进行讽刺,而不是杂乱无章:we can accept the play's ironic nuances as deliberate social commentaries rather than as the "unintentional" irony。也就是说Hansberry的作品其实存在它自己的逻辑,并不是 mere confusion, contradiction, or eclecticism。D选项把emphasize改成justify就对了。

第二题老实说很难。还是要回到主题:Hansberry在作品中是有意识地进行讽刺,而不是杂乱无章。但Isaacs等人认为Hansberry的作品是mere confusion, contradiction, or eclecticism。 作者要对后者进行抨击,其实还是用例子来支持自己的论证。
D项 The description of Du Bois’ ideal as “well-considered” ,意思是说Du Bois的作品比Hansberry的更contradictory, 但Hansberry跟他一样都是经过深思熟虑的,并不是没有逻辑的。这里楼主可以回过头看看前面文章中对Hansberry的修饰词,即deliberate对应Du Bois的well-considered。E项得这样改:The description of Fanon’s ideal internationalism as deliberate
第三题,1显然,作者在文章中论述了两个点1. recognize conflicts 2. justify such conflicts as intentional。 2favorable depiction of American life正好与原文相反,Hansberry实际上对美国梦的实现可能性是有所保留的。3原文第一句直接对应 GRE 728x90
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monkerek 发表于 2014-5-19 21:58
第一题应该要至少看完Indeed才能做出来。文章的主题是在论述Hansberry在作品中是有意识地进行讽刺,而不是 ...

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