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[选组选Offer] amazon 分组求建议 ps. 给我的组好多

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2016(1-3月)-CS本科+fresh grad 无实习或全职 | 校园招聘会| 码农类General全职@Amazon


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不知道为啥HR给了那么多组。。感觉好的组没什么了已经。。好多都是austin 或者 madison的也是醉了。。跪求大家建议!!

Corporate Projects (Amazon Books OR Confidential Projects)
Amazon Books: Would you like to be one of the founding members of a team that is solving a new business problem through innovative technology? Would you like to discover how machine learning and mobile technology can be used to solve these problems?  Amazon Books is a physical retail store that offers a curated selection of books and an array of Amazon devices. It is a magical experience that combines the best parts of a neighborhood bookstore with Amazon.com’s low prices and the expertise of passionate, knowledgeable staff who tailor their approach to the unique needs of each customer. Our team that will be building brand new merchandising, search and discovery solutions. In the coming year, we need to innovate and automate manual processes in order to scale faster. The team will be building solutions that will enable merchandising of products in the store. As a Software Development Engineer on the team, you will help tackle a variety of technical challenges, build mobile apps, backend and frontend services. We are looking for smart engineers who can effectively deal with ambiguity and work independently to clarify requirements, build quick prototypes or proofs of concept and deliver results quickly.

Product & Usability – HR Systems
The Amazon Recruiting Technology (ART) mission is to deliver an uniquely Amazonian end-to-end recruiting solution.  The team is responsible for developing and building innovative scalable technology solutions that are powerful and lightweight.  This is crucial to all of Amazon by providing a competitive advantage in the ability to find, recruit and hire the world’s best talent. You'll work with smart, experienced teammates on a medium sized cross-functional team. You'll join a culture focused on achieving aggressive goals, and creating a world-class customer experience for the organization. Our SDEs gain experience with technical back-end infrastructure, data modeling, and web application development by building high-performance, reliable systems in a complex, multi-tiered, distributed environment (Service Oriented Architecture). We are looking for engineers with experience or interest in optimization, data mining, and data analysis and are comfortable working in Java, C++, Perl, and distributed computing technologies.

The Hardlines technical teams currently own the end-to-end experience for multiple stores on Amazon.com in areas such as Consumer Electronics, Wireless, Automotive, and Industrial & Scientific Supplies. In addition, we own AmazonSupply.com, which is a dedicated B2B marketplace with core transactional and product discovery features focused on the needs of our business customers. Our applications are built using a combination of Object Oriented, Functional, and Scripting languages like Java, C++, Closure, Ruby, and Perl. We consume a lot of Amazon Web Services (AWS) like EC2, S3, and DynamoDB, and a lot of internal services like Authentication, Payments, Catalog and Search. At the same time we produce web services that are consumed by our teams and other teams in Amazon. Interested in Machine Learning? Great, we are using Machine learning to resolve some of the problems we have around pricing, data classification and personalization. Interested in Open Source technologies? Great! We use Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Spring, JUnit, jQuery, Mason, and others; several of our developers have been Open Source contributors.

Platform Excellence
Are you interested in high-performance, scalable systems and making a big impact for Amazon's customers? Would you like to unravel the multitude of factors that contribute to the performance and scalability of Amazon.com? Ever wondered how the Amazon Retail Website is architected? Platform Excellence is 100% focused on improving the customer experience on Amazon.com. If the website crashes, we’re on it. If the website is slow, we’ll fix it. If the website is throwing errors, we’ll roll back the changes. This is a high energy, high visibility job that comes with exciting challenges and great reward. We interface with dozens of teams and systems across the company and our output is sent to executive management, including Jeff himself.

AFT (Amazon Fulfillment Technologies) – Austin, TX
Have you ever ordered a product from Amazon and been amazed at how fast it gets to you? Every day, Amazon engineers are relentlessly working to decrease the time between Click to Deliver for your products. The Amazon Fulfillment Technologies team owns all of the software and infrastructure which powers Amazon’s world-class fulfillment engine. In the service of our customers, we are inventing in the areas of materials handling automation, machine vision, robotics, and machine learning. In parallel, we are continuously improving our processes using techniques such as lean, six sigma and kaizen. At the core of everything we do for customers is the Amazon Fulfillment Technologies platform. We own the fundamental data and services which drive our catalog, inventory and labor management systems. These systems underlie everything that we do – tens of millions of items in the catalog, hundreds of millions of items of inventory and billions of transactions a year! Every item that comes into the FC, moves around, and goes out to a customer comes through our systems. This is your chance to make a direct impact to Amazon’s core Fulfillment Technologies platform.

Amazon Business – Austin, TX
The Amazon Business team is disrupting the way businesses purchase online by introducing groundbreaking selection, convenience, and pricing into the B2B market. Our customers span from family businesses run out of the garage to the largest enterprise organizations, and we help them research, discover, and buy more easily than ever before.  We build scalable and highly available solutions to ensure that, no matter what your business needs, you can get it here.  Our vision is for Amazon Business to be the preferred marketplace and procurement platform for institutional buyers of all sizes and across a wide spectrum of organizational types (businesses, governments, educational and charitable institutions) worldwide.  We are located in Austin, Texas, a technology mecca that is known for live music, great food, and outdoor events. Come see why Austin has been ranked as the Best Big City to Live In and the Best Big City for Jobs.

Promise – Austin, TX
The Delivery Promise team is seeking a highly skilled Software Engineer to help define and build systems that surface the capabilities of Amazon's world-scale fulfillment network as promises to customers. We're a small agile team whose mission is to drive great customer experience by using scalable and robust software, so the challenges and opportunities span both business and technical realms. We are seeking SDEs who can conceive and design complex software systems and build them using Java or C++.

Last Mile – Austin, TX
The Last Mile team, using the Flex Platform and App, enables the many delivery services such as 1-hour delivery with Prime Now.  With Amazon Flex, individuals can now be their own boss while earning up to $25 or more delivering ultra-fast Prime Now and Restaurant orders. Both Amazon Flex and delivery experience of Prime Now are powered by the Flex App, which is available on iOS and Android. The Flex App works in concert with our advanced logistics systems and technology in the Flex Platform. The Flex App and Platform will allow the delivery partner to onboard, schedule delivery times in advance or on demand, guide them through their deliveries with in-app mapping and navigation, and more. You can find out more about Amazon Flex, our newest delivery innovation, at flex.amazon.com. Come join the team and help us make history! It is still Day 1! Come and be a part of Amazon's amazing growth story! If you are looking for an opportunity to solve deep technical problems and build innovative solutions in a fast paced environment working with extremely smart, passionate software developers, this might be the role for you. You will work on hard problems at scale and will have autonomy to deliver. You will learn about real-time adaptive transportation solutions, routing algorithms and optimizations, operating on large-scale datasets, mobile development, and more. Technologies include: C, C++, Java, and Perl

Shop Bop – Madison, WI
Would you like to work on high performance, scalable distributed systems?  Do you want to shape the search features, product catalog, merchandising and pricing tools that drive the Shopbop.com, Eastdane.com, and mobile storefronts? Join a team where creativity, innovation, and teamwork produce solutions that support our customers worldwide. Since its debut in 2000, Shopbop has grown into one of the world’s leading online fashion retailers, presenting a hand-picked collection of apparel and accessories from the industry’s foremost contemporary and designer labels. Launched in 2013, brother site East Dane, a division of BOP LLC, offers a curated assortment of contemporary and emerging menswear brands to guys around the world. Both sites feature renowned customer service, unparalleled wardrobe advice, cutting-edge editorial features, and exclusive collaborations with forward-minded brands. We are looking for SDEs who will work with business users, QA engineers, and infrastructure and development teams to create and enhance the mission-critical backend business systems that control the flow of merchandise from purchasing to posting on our high-traffic website. The successful candidate will not only be able to generate effective ideas, but will also be willing to roll up his or her sleeves to implement them. Technologies include: C, C++, C#, Java, or Perl; Spring, MVC /Persistence frameworks; SQL; machine learning; mobile

Marketplace – Phoenix, AZ
Millions of Sellers from countries around the world (and growing) list their products for sale on the Amazon.com Marketplace. Sellers are a critical part of Amazon’s ecosystem to deliver on our vision of offering the earth’s largest selection and lowest prices. These Sellers offer millions of unique products, providing a broad and diverse inventory of products from Books, Electronics, Apparel to Consumables and beyond. Our systems use technology appropriate to our needs, including Hadoop, Machine learning, highly scaled Java services, AWS technologies, Ajax rich UI's, and more.

Optimal Sourcing Systems – Phoenix, AZ
Amazon’s Supply Chain Optimization Technology (SCOT) is looking for experienced software engineers and developers who want to build Amazon’s next generation of inventory planning systems. Optimal Sourcing Systems (OSS), part of SCOT, designs and builds systems that measure and manage Amazon’s supplier capabilities, identify and reacts to supply disruptions, and prioritizes inbound freight for our global network. Our software is used by every country Amazon services, and is a critical link to ensuring the products our customers want are available when they need them.

As an SDE in OSS, you’ll work closely some of the brightest software engineers, scientists, economists, and product managers to solve highly complex supply chain challenges. You and your fellow engineers are responsible for designing the architecture, building the software, and working with the team to deploy your solutions across the globe. OSS is a unique opportunity to both create and see the direct impact of your work on billions of dollars’ worth of inventory in one of the world’s most advanced supply chains, and at massive scale.

You should be comfortable diving deep into technical architectures and requirements, be able to quickly identify solutions to challenges discovered during development, and ready to work with some of the latest cloud computing technology. Prior experience building stable, scalable, solutions is required. Prior experience with data mining, databases, or massively parallel systems is a plus. Successful candidates will thrive in fast-paced environments that leverage agile planning techniques, encourage and reward creative design, intelligent risk taking, and find innovative ways to leverage cutting edge technology.

Books Tech – San Luis Obispo, CA
Are you a Kindle customer? If you’ve read a book on a Kindle device or used a Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet you’re using software built by this team. We work at the cutting edge of the e-book business, we define what the Amazon e-book format contains, we create the tools for publishers to author or convert to this format. Once we have an e-book file we build the software that reads that file and delivers a rendered page on a Kindle device or in a Kindle app. If you want to impact the future of e-reading, this team has the entire pipeline of opportunity starting from the publisher to the reader app. Along the way we create new innovations for Kindle customers such as pop-up panels in comic books, faster page turns, hassle-free DRM or one click conversions from over 10 different formats for publishers around the world.  Join the Kindle Ingestion and Expansion team as we revolutionize publishing. Help us achieve our vision of making every creative work available to everyone in the world in a variety of formats.  At Amazon San Luis Obispo we develop innovative software to power self-publishing and enterprise level publishing solutions for both physical and digital distribution at Amazon. Our team supports Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, and other publishing websites, as well as manufacturing on demand for books and other products.
. From 1point 3acres bbs
Amazon Fresh Tech – Irvine, CA
Fresh Code for a Fresh Business!! The AmazonFresh team is looking for software engineers who are excited to build a full e-commerce solution for our online grocery store. We want an engineer who is interested in building out a full software platform from the customer facing website and platform, to the warehouse management software, to tools to improve buying, to accounting, and more. On this project you will be involved in all aspects of building a business from the ground up. We've developed our website and warehouse management system to support our current customer-base, but we still have a lot of exciting work ahead of us. Some of this work includes improving our route planning solution to efficiently deliver products to customer's doorsteps, working with our warehouse managers to better optimize the fulfillment workflow, scaling our systems to serve a growing customer base, and adding personalization and community features to our website to make AmazonFresh the only place customers need to stop to meet all of their grocery needs. Successful candidates should be passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience and writing high quality, well tested, maintainable code. Our customers include people who place orders on our website, fulfillment center employees, and our buyers. The team uses agile methodologies such as bi-weekly sprints, scrum, test driven development, and pair programming when appropriate. Our systems and tools are evolving rapidly over time to respond to our evolving business needs, so we build our software incrementally and redesign and re-architect systems when needed. We strive to maintain a reasonable work-life balance on our team by setting the expectation that most work will be completed during core hours. Our systems are built primarily in Java and Ruby and based on open source frameworks. This is a great opportunity to learn more about open source third party tools and gain experience working with exciting technologies such as Ruby on Rails and MySQL.
. check 1point3acres for more.

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vote for Fresh at Irvine or Hardline at Seattle.

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vote for Fresh at Irvine or Hardline at Seattle.

你在Irvine实习过,请问Amazon Fresh Tech – Irvine, CA这个组怎么样?谢谢

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