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发言规则:Be Civil (https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/wiki/index#wiki_be_civil)
Do not make threats or advocate violence
No witch hunting or exposing personal information
No trolling, baiting or flaming
No personal attacks


Please be civil and constructive at all times.

The topic of politics is generally one that is very contentious and one that people are very passionate about. People who visit /r/politics have a variety of opinions and beliefs that span the entire political spectrum. As such, there are many opportunities for you as a user to be exposed to ideas and ideology that may seem foreign or difficult to accept.

It's important to mention here that we don't censor people due to their opinions. People are completely allowed to post an opinion that is not factually true, or that you believe is incorrect, or that you find unacceptable for whatever reason. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions even if you disagree with them - in these instances, remember to debate civilly and focus your efforts on explaining why you disagree. Attack the argument and not the user.

These rules apply everywhere in this subreddit, including usernames. If you notice any violations of the following rules, please let the moderators know by clicking on the report button under the appropriate comment or submission, or by messaging the mods directly.

Do not make threats or advocate violence
Do not threaten, advocate for, celebrate, or express extreme indifference towards any kind of action that results in or could result in death or harm (physical or otherwise). This rule applies to everyone. Users who engage in this behavior may be subject to a permanent subreddit ban.

No witch hunting or exposing personal information
Do not make calls to action directed at non-public persons. Users are not allowed to post information with the purposes of causing harm to or harassment of other people. This includes but is not limited to: names, telephone numbers, street or email address. Hinting that you have this information of other users may also earn a ban.

If you have evidence that someone is a shill, spammer, manipulator or otherwise, message the /r/politics moderators so we can take action. Public accusations are not okay.

Do not use a username mention, regardless of context. These may get removed.

No trolling, baiting or flaming
Trolling of any kind is not welcome here.

The definition of trolling on /r/politics includes, but is not limited to, the act of commenting or submitting links with the intent to shock, anger, or sow discord without good faith.

Good faith is sincere intention to be fair, open, and honest, regardless of the outcome of the interaction.

The followings acts are some examples of trolling on /r/politics:

Editing comments to brag about downvotes or entice inflammatory replies
Linking to media with the intent to shock, anger, or sow discord without good faith.
Bragging about trolling or participating in bad faith on /r/politics on this subreddit or elsewhere on reddit
Concern trolling; pretending to advocate something not believed in in order to parody, make fun of, or otherwise create discord in a group they disagree with (i.e., playing both sides)
Using a title for a submission that shows intent to bypass the prohibition of text posts
"Novelty" or "gimmick" accounts
If you disagree with someone, don't try to bait them into behavior that they would regret. If you think you are the victim of flaming or baiting, use the report button and move on. Don't engage in personal attacks because someone is flaming you.

Being the victim of trolling, flaming or baiting is not an excuse to break other rules. Report the behavior instead of responding.

No personal attacks
It doesn't matter how "well-written" the comment, if your insult is sarcastic, "creative" or absurd, personal attacks are always against our rules. Name calling, ad-hominem, demeaning, inflammatory, or other uncivil comments directed at other users are not allowed. Users who break this rule may have their comment(s) removed and be warned and/or banned.

No soliciting users
Comments that solicit users (active petitions, signature campaigns, signups, requests for money, surveys, or polls) will be removed.
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