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发言规则:Be Civil (https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/wiki/index#wiki_be_civil)
Do not make threats or advocate violence
No witch hunting or exposing personal information
No trolling, baiting or flaming
No personal attacks


Please be civil and constructive at all times.

The topic of politics is generally one that is very contentious and one that people are very passionate about. People who visit /r/politics have a variety of opinions and beliefs that span the entire political spectrum. As such, there are many opportunities for you as a user to be exposed to ideas and ideology that may seem foreign or difficult to accept.

It's important to mention here that we don't censor people due to their opinions. People are completely allowed to post an opinion that is not factually true, or that you believe is incorrect, or that you find unacceptable for whatever reason. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions even if you disagree with them - in these instances, remember to debate civilly and focus your efforts on explaining why you disagree. Attack the argument and not the user.

These rules apply everywhere in this subreddit, including usernames. If you notice any violations of the following rules, please let the moderators know by clicking on the report button under the appropriate comment or submission, or by messaging the mods directly.

Do not make threats or advocate violence
Do not threaten, advocate for, celebrate, or express extreme indifference towards any kind of action that results in or could result in death or harm (physical or otherwise). This rule applies to everyone. Users who engage in this behavior may be subject to a permanent subreddit ban.

No witch hunting or exposing personal information
Do not make calls to action directed at non-public persons. Users are not allowed to post information with the purposes of causing harm to or harassment of other people. This includes but is not limited to: names, telephone numbers, street or email address. Hinting that you have this information of other users may also earn a ban.

If you have evidence that someone is a shill, spammer, manipulator or otherwise, message the /r/politics moderators so we can take action. Public accusations are not okay.

Do not use a username mention, regardless of context. These may get removed.

No trolling, baiting or flaming
Trolling of any kind is not welcome here.

The definition of trolling on /r/politics includes, but is not limited to, the act of commenting or submitting links with the intent to shock, anger, or sow discord without good faith.

Good faith is sincere intention to be fair, open, and honest, regardless of the outcome of the interaction.

The followings acts are some examples of trolling on /r/politics:

Editing comments to brag about downvotes or entice inflammatory replies
Linking to media with the intent to shock, anger, or sow discord without good faith.
Bragging about trolling or participating in bad faith on /r/politics on this subreddit or elsewhere on reddit
Concern trolling; pretending to advocate something not believed in in order to parody, make fun of, or otherwise create discord in a group they disagree with (i.e., playing both sides)
Using a title for a submission that shows intent to bypass the prohibition of text posts
"Novelty" or "gimmick" accounts
If you disagree with someone, don't try to bait them into behavior that they would regret. If you think you are the victim of flaming or baiting, use the report button and move on. Don't engage in personal attacks because someone is flaming you.

Being the victim of trolling, flaming or baiting is not an excuse to break other rules. Report the behavior instead of responding.

No personal attacks
It doesn't matter how "well-written" the comment, if your insult is sarcastic, "creative" or absurd, personal attacks are always against our rules. Name calling, ad-hominem, demeaning, inflammatory, or other uncivil comments directed at other users are not allowed. Users who break this rule may have their comment(s) removed and be warned and/or banned.

No soliciting users
Comments that solicit users (active petitions, signature campaigns, signups, requests for money, surveys, or polls) will be removed.
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隐藏置顶帖 借鉴学习一下reddit政治版的文明规范 Be Civil modifiedname 2020-1-11 22647 modifiedname 2020-1-11 14:40
本版置顶 隐藏置顶帖 所有募捐必须经过管理员批准 attach_img Warald 2019-11-23 02635 Warald 2019-11-30 00:29
本版置顶 隐藏置顶帖 华人参政版宗旨和规则 Mission Statement digest  ...2 admin 2019-7-15 178560 SupFighter 2019-10-13 15:05
共和党2024大选初选辩论设门槛 en010272 6 天前 0446 en010272 6 天前
加州禁止外国政府买农田法案夭折 quinean 2023-5-21 0573 quinean 2023-5-21 04:16
感觉社会对亚裔充满不满、敌意、  ...2 滴溜溜的电梯 2023-4-25 103013 detail_page 2023-5-19 15:25
四个提案全部进入待定阶段,德州华人为听证苦等21个小时! attach_img heatlevel  ...2345
微信用户_9bwsb 2023-4-21 4914875 杨委员长 2023-5-1 10:06
华人反压迫策略参考: Save the Jews 地里匿名用户 2023-4-23 21245 FML 2023-4-23 09:09
“全美禁止中国籍买房买地”提案已经出现 attachment digest  ...23456..20 地里匿名用户 2023-4-4 19876399 yyy168yyy 2023-4-21 20:57
华盛顿州通过了SB5599法案-关于孩子变性 attach_img heatlevel  ...2345 地里匿名用户 2023-4-16 4511323 ptnnac 2023-4-17 03:33
中国EB2已经被niw abuse,陷入死循环 heatlevel  ...23456..8 红旗16 2019-9-25 7250964 DLer 2023-4-12 11:37
找工作不也是歧视h1么?怎么就认可了。到了买房歧视h1就不认可了? heatlevel  ...23456 既要又要还要 2023-4-10 5710308 imlw 2023-4-11 07:27
参议院议员提出禁止全美中国人购房的act,并可以强制已购者出售 attach_img
大波斯菊 2023-3-31 22299 GLUU 2023-4-11 05:26
现在各州都出这类禁止华人买房,限制租房收益,怎么办? heatlevel  ...23456..8 luckcyq 2023-4-9 7225501 GLUU 2023-4-11 05:14
加州考虑给黑人发6400亿 heatlevel  ...234 sharkchin 2023-3-4 3914424 地梩的匿名用户 2023-3-24 15:25
美国政府在过去3年对社交媒体进行大规模言论审查 xiangwei36 2023-3-22 0419 xiangwei36 2023-3-22 23:24
德州新法案打算禁止中国公民入学  ...2 Lothbrok 2023-3-12 105296 起名字难 2023-3-15 00:36
共济会能参加吗? 小亩_de87015 2022-12-31 51365 TQL0200 2023-3-13 08:51
美国亚裔选民开始向右转 en010272 2023-3-8 42142 微信用户_92fe057 2023-3-8 02:06
突发:德州州长亲自推动法案 禁止中国公民(包括绿卡,h1b)买房买地 digest  ...23456..21 chillywind 2023-1-16 209167766 TWNSL 2023-3-3 03:45
德国总理肖尔茨在印度招贤纳士 en010272 2023-2-28 0667 en010272 2023-2-28 09:28
个人看法:避坑中行纽约皇后街分行“美好前程” Xiao111 2023-2-8 1613 en010272 2023-2-10 01:55
共和党人展开对拜登行政当局的调查 en010272 2023-2-7 2622 dacheng0413 2023-2-7 11:56
加州dmv发dishonored check罚单怎么办?压根没用过check付账 CountYEJR 2022-9-28 91104 CountYEJR 2023-1-29 10:09
[大的来了] 马斯克发布了Twitter如何干涉大选 Part 1 heatlevel  ...23456..10 xig480 2022-12-3 9323106 simplify 2023-1-26 21:27
华人为什么要支持左派??? attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..20 恍若隔世 2021-1-1 19726458 skybluries 2023-1-26 21:18
【新排华法案】SB 147 还没完,SB 552 又来了 heatlevel  ...23 地里匿名用户 2023-1-25 209046 找个大树乘凉 2023-1-26 06:48
抗议新排华法案,请大家支持! 小亩_1e26fcf 2023-1-20 0694 小亩_1e26fcf 2023-1-20 13:00
阻止不合理法案通过 heatlevel  ...23 springcloud 2023-1-18 2810317 djw612 2023-1-20 03:11
reddit上已经有人开始讽刺德州州长买地推特 attach_img
大波斯菊 2023-1-20 11952 大波斯菊 2023-1-20 02:35
回顾一下纳粹排犹,NG应早做打算 heatlevel  ...23456..9 地里匿名用户 2023-1-17 8428269 jiang212 2023-1-18 06:48
觉醒总是缓慢的 Tfiygoi 2023-1-18 01197 Tfiygoi 2023-1-18 01:55
在美国工作生活该如何践行马克思主义?(欢迎同志来讨论,也欢迎群众提出不同的声音) heatlevel  ...23456..8 GavinTao1219 2021-3-31 7712565 SamuelCui 2023-1-17 14:09
看看民主党在加州的这些提议 attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..8
gongjie437 2020-11-5 779912 skybluries 2023-1-17 13:31
《台湾政策法》通过,中美会断交么?  ...2 地里匿名用户 2022-9-15 179161 ciacia7621 2023-1-17 05:19
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