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2022秋季CS招生贴:Michigan Technology University

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CS openings at Michigan Technology UniversityTwo CS PhD openings for motivated and creative students to conduct basic research motivated by important applications, e.g., at the intersection of machine learning, sequential/graph data, interdisciplinary and societal impact.
The positions are at the CS department of Michigan Tech and are fully funded with a monthly stipend of $2,200, tuition and health insurance.

Masters, interns and visiting scholars are equally well welcome.

For detailed information about the advisor Dr. Wenbin Zhang please check the following link:   https://vanbantruong.github.io/   

Desired qualifications:
i) A BS or preferably an MS in CS or related majors;
ii) Solid mathematical and programming background;
iii) Strong motivation in cutting-edge research for top-tier publications.

If you still feel like taking a shared ride after reading this far and are genuinely interested in mutually committing our future, please send your CV and a copy of graduate/undergraduate transcript along with an anticipated starting date to wenbinzhang@cmu.edu.

Once on board, you will be supported to build a strong research capability and publication record for your future career as well as exploring intern and overseas visiting opportunities.

You are also encouraged to identify your own research interests while enjoying the gorgeous Lake Superior for all types of outdoor activities that you can imagine. Your success and joy of life are our commitments.

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帮顶,Manchester is Red

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23fall选手帮顶!Manchester is always red! GGMU!!!

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