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【美国全奖PhD招生】微流体 2022 秋/2023 春入学 机械/生物/材料优先

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Fully funded Mechanical Engineering PhD student position at the University of Memphis
全奖机械工程博士招生, 2022 秋/ 2023 春,机械/生物/材料背景优先。
We are currently looking for two highly motivated Ph.D. students to join our Microfluidics Laboratory at the University of Memphis (UofM). The University of Memphis is classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High research activity".
We are conducting interdisciplinary research projects which focus on developing acoustic micro/nano systems for a variety biological and biomedical applications. We provide many research resources and collaboration opportunities in developing acoustic micro/nano devices related to healthcare. Dr. Yuan Gao will join UofM in the Fall 2022 as an Assistant Professor. Her research interests include Acoustofluidics, Microbubbles, Lab on a Chip, Biomedical applications, and Additive manufacturing.

We recruit two exceptional Ph.D. students (fully funded with research assistant position) in 2022 Fall/2023 Spring semester with:
1)        Passion and perseverance in the pursuit of success
2)        Excellent previous research experience/training in Science or Engineering, especially in acoustofluidics, microbubbles, soft materials, additive manufacturing, and biomedical applications. (Strong publication record is highly preferred)
3)        Ability to collaborate
If you are interested in joining us, please send email to Dr. Gao (Email: ygao51@uic.edu) the following two documents:
1)        Your CV
2)        A short proposal (no more than two pages) describing how you will contribute (what kind of research you would do once you join us) and justifying why you can contribute to our research.

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